Fresh Herbs

  • Healthy herbs within reach always fresh from spring to winter,
  • No pesticides
  • No artificial fertilizer
  • No watering, no fertilization => built-in green thumb


  • Additional effective Bio-filter (approx. 8 liters of lava rock) for your aquarium
  • Extraction of nutrients (nitrate) from the plants
  • Reduction of wastewater pollution
  • Slightly fluctuating water level due to an on-off mechanism (the larger the aquarium, the lower the fluctuation, about 1 cm at 60x40x40 cm aquarium)


  • Fish excrete urine and feces
  • Lava bacteria transform them into nutrients
  • These nutrients are provided for the herbs at all times
  • A timed pump keeps this circuit going automatically


  • Different colors – fits in every room
  • Herbs according to preference – for every taste
  • Try flowers instead of herbs – if you like it that way
  • Suspension / Installation – Adapts to the environment
  • LED light – healthy plants even in the shade

Special: Exotic Superhealthy Herbs

mystery of the Elephant memory?

Top cancer remedy of traditional Thai healing arts

In Malaysian, it means “prolonging life.”

Used in Thailand against hangovers (alcohol, drugs, tablets)

Important Asian herb for the psyche (antidepressant)


The plants need light to grow. This light can also come from a window. However, since aquariums are typically not near windows, you will need an artificial growth light in most cases. Our LED bulbs are specially designed for the needs of plants.

The pump function is switched on and off by a timer. The Quellarium can be used very flexibly. The plants are comfortable with being flooded once a day. Naturally, the bio-filter function works best when the water is passed through the substrate of the aquarium repeatedly over the day.

The sound of the pump and the water flow, especially when the pump is set on or off, can be programmed via the timer for periods of time during which they do not interfere (for example, outside of TV hours).

With the Quellarium you can turn your freshwater aquarium into an aquaponics system! In the Quellarium you always have fresh herbs (or beautiful flowers) available. At the same time your aquarium gets a powerful biofilter. In other words: the fish excrete nutrients that would otherwise end up in the drain, and are polluting our waters. The Quellarium plants consume nutrients and deliverhealthy herbs or beautiful flowers. The perfect upcycling cycle!

Preview the Quellarium in your living room.

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