It was a few years ago, in 2015, when Oliver Dittmann (Oli) heard for the first time about “aquaponics”, the sustainable linking of fish farming and crop cultivation. He was fascinated by the idea of this water- and energy-saving cycle, in which the waste of one is the raw material of the other. Oli informed himself in books and forums and started. He combined his 540 litre aquarium with two beds made of larch wood and lined with EPDM foil and cultivated vegetables and herbs in his winter garden.

Although he had completed the plant only in June 2016 and was finally able to start sowing, he reaped a rich harvest in the same year. The location in the winter garden proved to be ideal.

He was able to harvest tomatoes into the winter. In the next picture you can see tomatoes in front of windows covered with ice flowers.

The success with the first aquaponics experiments gave Oli wings and he thought about how the advantages of aquaponics could easily be passed on to many people. He suddenly saw only semi-finished aquaponics systems in the aquariums of his acquaintances. He presented the idea to his friend Dietmar Tremel (Didi) and found a companion in him. From then on the two developed together. The goal was a ready-to-use system that could be retrofitted to practically any freshwater aquarium. Didi is now primarily responsible for the company’s finances. Shortly thereafter, the two were able to win Sebastian Scheuerer (Sebbi)  as third member in the team and technical managers. The three founded Tremel Dittmann Scheuerer UG (limited liability) to give the company a legal basis.

Since the aquaponics system is not only used for plant breeding but also for cleaning the aquarium water, it can be regarded as a source of good water for the aquarium. Following this idea, the three young entrepreneurs combined the words “Quelle” and “Aquarium” to form the brand “Quellarium”.
The development of the plant required many attempts – failures and successes. [PICTURE; FOR EXAMPLE OF THE PUMP HEIGHT TEST]

Gradually, the current form of the Quellarium developed.

Entrepreneurs were concerned about their responsibility for the environment and society. For example, the housing of the Quellarium is made of recycled plastic and the production of the Quellarium is planned by Lebenshilfe.

The test series proved to be lengthy because it is not possible to understand immediately how changes affect plants and the aquarium ecosystem.

In mid-2018, the brothers Rene and Nico Großmann joined the Quellarium team to create the homepage and support the social media. Since then, a lot has changed in terms of visibility in the virtual world.
The young entrepreneurs decided to bring the development to market in 2019, four years after the launch of the Quellarium story.